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3 Ways to Get Your Home Offer Noticed

3 Ways to Get Your Home Offer Noticed

3 Ways to Get Your Home Offer Noticed

3 Ways to Get Your Home Offer Noticed. Spring came early this year in the housing market. It is something that current home shoppers already know. With home buying at full Speed for any homes under $200,000, the competition is fierce!  What is the best way to stand out from the herd?

1. Sell the Buyer

The goal is that every seller should want to do business with you. Prior to making an offer, every interaction with the listing side should be a positive one. Professionalism, courtesy and strong communication can set some offers above the rest.

Be Ready to Jump

Get the first mover’s advantage by making yourself available for showings as soon as listings hit the market. Be sure to follow up promptly after the showing to express genuine enthusiasm.

Write a Cover Letter

There is no better way to differentiate your offer from the masses than with the personal touch of a cover letter. A cover letter will humanize offers and could help in multiple bid scenarios or when the home holds immense sentimental value to the seller. The letter should convey a few simple points:

  • Excitement for the home
  • The buyer’s qualifications
  • Why the seller should choose you.
  • Keep it short to increase the odds that they will read it.

2. Tighten Up Your Inspection Contingency

Things are so heated right now that buyers are waiving all types of typical terms and contingencies. As a buyer, it is in their best interest to conduct a formal home inspection and due diligence. If buyers find that they are losing out on homes to other buyers who are opting out of inspections they still have a few options.

Bring a Contractor or Home Inspector to the Tour

Prior to submitting an offer, it is a good idea to get a second set of eyes on the property. Find a trustworthy contractor or home inspector for a second viewing; ask them to make an assessment of the home. If you are comfortable with his or her analysis, you may feel like you are in a good place to move forward without an inspection.

Check with the listing agent before showing up with an inspector expecting to do a full-blown home inspection.

Put the Sellers at Ease with a Quick Inspection Timeframe.

Expedite the home inspection period. If a ten-day window is common in the market, do it in five. Before committing to this timeline, check with the home inspection company to ensure someone is available in the tight timeframe.

In addition to shortening the time frame, aggressive buyers can state that you will not revoke your offer or try to negotiate unless serious issues are discovered and if the repairs would cost you more than a specific dollar amount to repair. In this scenario, you want to have a figure in mind, and be prepared to gather quotes if issues do crop up.

3. Get Pre-Approved by a Mortgage Company known in the local real estate industry.

You may be surprised by how small the world of real estate can be. Realtors® who have been in the business for a while, know who the best lenders are. To help sweeten the bid, get pre-approved by Mortgage 1 Inc. and submit the approval letter along with the intent to purchase. If the listing agent is reviewing offers and advising the client, he or she will appreciate seeing a pre-approval from a familiar name. Knowing that you have been vetted by a trusted professional and have received an initial stamp of approval can go a long way.  Ready to apply? Try our Mortgage in a SNAP

3 Ways to Get Your Home Offer Noticed