Rate & Term Reduction

Consumers can save big when they replace a 30-year mortgage with a lower interest rate, or with a shorter term. The term is the duration of the loan, when you go from a 30-year loan to a 15-year loan the payment will be slightly higher but the loan will be paid off in half the time.

Cash out Refi

Typically mortgages carry the lowest interest rates. When homeowners are considering borrowing money for home repairs, paying off high-interest debt or other investments a cash-out refinance can be the best option.  Now could be the right time to take advantage of the recent market appreciation.

Move to a fixed rate from an adjustable

Moving from a variable rate or home equity line of credit to a fixed rate can provide borrowers the certainty of knowing that their payment will remain the same for the duration of the loan.  

Eliminate Mortgage Insurance

When some consumers buy a home with less than 20% down they will be required to buy Mortgage Insurance. Given the recent home appreciation, borrowers may now be eligible to remove this portion of their monthly payment. The savings can be substantial.   

Remove a borrower from the loan

There are many reasons to remove a borrower from a loan but there is only one way to do it. The only way to remove a borrower form a mortgage is to refinance the loan.  

Loan Consolidation

Are you tired of keeping track of a number of different loans?  It may be easier and cheaper to pull them all into one loan.  A refinance can allow you to pay less in interest as well.   

Mortgage Loan Options

Mortgage 1 has the access to hundreds of different mortgage products designed for every specific borrower situation. Whether it is a VA, FHA, Conventional, 203K, MSHDA, or USDA Mortgage 1 has the experience to make every transaction a smooth one. 

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Mortgage in a SNAP?

Now you can combine a complete digital experience with the expertise of a local mortgage lender.  

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Mortgage 1 has grown to over 37+ offices across 4 states. Mortgage 1 has helped tens of thousands of families own their dream home. People make the difference at Mortgage 1 because we have the experience to help our borrowers navigate the mortgage process.

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Ron was wonderful! This was not just a mortgage to him, it was an educational opportunity. He taught me so much along the way and was always available to answer my questions. He helped to put my mind at ease about so many things. Nikki was helpful in explaining the HUD and was also available to answer questions. The closing was very smooth!  – Anita Q. 

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