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June 26, 2017
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July 26, 2017
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Hassle Free Mortgage Process, Mortgage in a SNAP!

Mortgage in a SNAP

Have you been wondering how much house you can afford?

Well, now you can find out based on your specific situation instantly with Mortgage 1’s “Mortgage in a SNAP.” It is a mortgage application without the hassle.

You just plug in your information and one of our licensed mortgage originators will guide you through the application process. Simply select the type of mortgage you are interested in and add a few details. Then just sync your bank accounts and other required information.  You will find out instantly if you qualify and if so you can print out your conditional approval.

It is just one more way we are revolutionizing the mortgage process, Mortgage in a SNAP by Mortgage 1.

SNAP Mortgage will reduce unnecessary phone calls borrowers would typically receive during the mortgage application process.  Mortgage 1 Inc. is already a leader in MSHDA, USDA lending, FHA, VA and Conventional lending, adding a digital application should enhance customer service.

SNAP Mortgage applicants will enjoy:

  • A true e-signature digital mortgage process.
  • The ability to compare a variety of loan programs with a click of a button.
  • Retrieve all required documents (no more searching for statements)
  • Instantly receive approval on Conventional, FHA or VA mortgage loans.

The Mortgage 1 Inc. team makes the difference with greater total years of experience than any other mortgage company in Michigan. SNAP Mortgage will enhance the borrower’s experience of a faster loan process from application to closing.  “Anyone can offer a digital mortgage. Working with a local, knowledgeable lender like Mortgage 1, Inc. gives the borrower an unparalleled lending experience.”  Says Mortgage 1, Inc. President Rick Holcomb

Mortgage 1, Inc. continues to focus on automating the application process and SNAP Mortgage is the perfect tool. SNAP Mortgage allows the borrower to experience a fast, user-friendly application process in a digital and mobile environment.

As the highest award-winning lender from the Michigan Mortgage Lending Association, it is easy to see why over 60,000 families have financed the “American Dream” of home ownership with Mortgage 1, Inc. Let us continue to open more doors for years to come.

Ready to get started? Try our digital Mortgage called Mortgage in a SNAP