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What to look for when completing a final walk-through

What to look for on a final home walk-through

The home shopping experience can be exhausting. With the end in sight and the closing date set, all that is left before the closing is the final walk-through. What is a final walk-through?

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The new home buyer would have already completed the inspection and appraisal. The final walk-through isn’t another home inspection. It’s not the time to request new repairs, either. Instead, this is an opportunity to make sure the condition of the home is as expected. Specifically, you’ll want to confirm there haven’t been any unexpected or unwanted changes made to the property.

Homebuyers should bring the following:

  • The purchase agreement for reference of the items included and inspection summary
  • Cell phone to video what you find be sure to document the date and time of the walk-through.
  • Your Real Estate Agent

What should home buyers look for during final walk-through checklist?

Make sure there isn’t any move-out damage and that all requested repairs have been addressed. You’ll also want to check that everything included in the home price has been left behind and is in good working order. Test all included appliances to verify they are in working properly. Make sure that all the light bulbs have been left behind as well.

Open all windows and doors to make sure they are functioning properly.  Mold and water damage can pop up in a matter of days, so it is important that you always check for the potential of a new water leak. Turn on all faucets and test all the toilets. Make sure all sinks drain properly.

Turn on the heat and air conditioner regardless of the outdoor temperature check all the lights and plugs one more time just to be safe.  Walk around the entire home on the outside looking for any new signs of pests also make sure none of the landscaping was removed.

The final walk-through is your last chance to make sure that the home is still in the condition that you bought it in. If you are ready to start the mortgage process try our Mortgage in a SNAP online digital mortgage.

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