Kevin Elsenheimer interview with Executive Director of MSHDA down payment assistance up to $7500
November 3, 2016
7 reasons winter is a great time to buy a home:
7 reasons winter is a great time to buy a home
December 2, 2016
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7 Ways to Winterize a home on the Cheap.

Mortgage in a Snap

Mortgage in a Snap

7 ways to winterize a home on the cheap.

Clean out your gutters,

    1. Leaf dammed gutters can result in ice dams, that could lead to all kinds of costly repairs like damaged shingles or a leaking roof.
    2. Broken Gutters; If the water is going over the gutters, water could be falling next to the foundation and leads to flooding in the basement
    3. Caulk around windows and doors: Look for any gaps around windows and doors. Even the smallest gaps could create a major draft in a cold winter and it will also help make soundproof the home also. Be sure to inspect the weather-stripping around the doors, it has a tendency to wear out, don’t forget the bottom of the door.
    4. Don’t forget to change your furnace filter: A Furnace is just a blower and its filter is the most important thing homeowners can do to keep their home warm and dust free. Also be sure to keep the furnace free of debris.
    5. Change the direction of the ceiling fans; If you have a ceiling Fan turn the rotation to clockwise rotation to circulate warmer air trapped at the top of the room. According to The Daily Green, you can save 10% on your heating costs.
    6. Put up the Plastic; If you have older windows this one works great. For just a few dollars you can pick up a window insulation kit at your local hardware store. They provide another layer of air and installed properly they become invisible.
    7. Seal the ducts and close the vents to unused rooms; This is what duct tape was made for turn on the furnace and look for leaks in the metal connection of the duck work if you find any tape over them. Also be sure to turn off or reduce the flow of warm air to rooms, not in use.

Moving even deeper into your home’s infrastructure … one encounters ductwork. Studies show 10% to 30% of heated (or cooled) air in an average system escapes from ducts.

Therefore, it could pay to hire a professional technician to come out and test your duct system and fix any problems. Properly sealing ducts can save the average home up to $140 annually, according to the American Solar Energy Society. Plus, you’ll have better protection against mold and dust.

Many utilities offer incentive programs for duct improvement. Be wary of “duct cleaning” services, however; absent an air quality problem, most homes don’t need their ducts cleaned.

Additionally, low-income households can qualify for an average of $6,500 worth of weatherization improvements to their homes through government programs administered by each state. Find out about your state’s program by contacting local energy agencies.

7 ways to winterize your home on the Cheap.

7 ways to winterize your home on the Cheap.

7 ways to winterize your home on the Cheap. Ready for a great Mortgage Experience?