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Best of Mortgage 1 in 2021

Best of Mortgage 1 in 2021

As we get ready for 2022, we look back at the most popular articles from our blog during the past year.

We’ve tackled a lot of subjects this year in the Mortgage 1 blog, from mortgage rating websites to first-time homebuyer assistance programs. Along the way, we’ve gotten to know Mortgage 1 employees, interviewed award-winning loan officers, and doled out lots of advice that home buyers need to know. It’s been a busy year!

With that in mind, we look back at most popular blog articles of 2021. Is your favorite on this list? If so, share them with others! Did a few of these Top 10 articles slide under your radar? Here’s your chance to see what you missed.

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2021: Customer Favorite Blog Posts

Here are the Top 10 favorite articles from 2021.

1. Motorcycles, Mortgages & More: Lisa Whitman’s Never-Ending Quest to Help Home Buyers & Borrowers

Lisa Whitman Mortgage 1 helps Michigan home buyers and borrowers get mortgages

From running a powersports store to managing the “Team Lisa” Mortgage 1 branch in Sterling Heights, Michigan seems like quite an interesting career move – and it was for Lisa Whitman. Read all about what made her switch from motorsports to mortgage lending in this interview, where Lisa shares her story as well as tips for home buyers in a seller’s market. Read the article

2. Mortgage 1 Named Top MSHDA Lender for 8th-Straight Year

Mortgage 1 Named Top MSHDA Lender for 2020

Not only was Mortgage 1 named the top MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority) lender for the eighth year in a row, ten of our loan officers were awarded “top producer” status as well. Our Michigan team members – as well as those in other states – work hard to make sure everyone can qualify for a home loan if possible, so it was great to be recognized. In the article, we also talk about MSHDA home loan requirements, so check it out for more info. Read the article

3. Mortgage 1: Providing World-Class Satisfaction to Home Buyers & Borrowers


This continues the theme from the previous article – that Mortgage 1 is dedicated to serving its community. In this post, we break down the meaning and importance of customer satisfaction scores and Net Promoter Scores. We’re so proud that we rank well above many other banks and lenders in these categories; read the full post to get the details. Read the article

4. Mortgage 1’s Lindsey Smith Named 2021 Rising Star by MMLA

Congratulations Lindsey! 2021 MMLA Rising Star

Every year, the Michigan Mortgage Association awards their Rising Star to newcomers to the mortgage industry who have shown exceptional commitment to their jobs and their communities. In 2021, loan officer Lindsey Smith received this award, which was a tribute to her work ethic as well as the support of the entire Keystone Branch team. Read the article

5. Consumer Alert: The Real Story Behind Mortgage Rating Websites

Do you scan rating websites that list the “Top 10 This” and the “5 Best That” before choosing which retailer, lender, or bank to do business with? Most of us do. But here’s the thing: such sites may not be as unbiased as they want to appear. Get the full story in this post. Read the article

6. 7 First-Time Home Buyer Programs Explained

First-Time Home Buyer Programs Explained

Buying a home for the first time can seem prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, there are federal and state-level programs that help new home buyers (and some that are not so new to the home-buying process) achieve their goals. This post covers programs by the FHA, USDA, MSHDA, and others; if you’re thinking about buying a home, start with this post. Read the article

7. What You Need to Know About MSHDA First-Time Home Buyer Assistance Programs

For Michigan residents, this article adds more detail to the information presented in the previously-mentioned post. In short, the Michigan State Housing and Development Authority provides grants of up to $10,000 towards first-time home buyers’ down payments. You can find out who qualifies and what specific programs are available in the article. Read the article

8. Tips for Saving for a Down Payment on a House

Saving for a down payment on a house

With the average Michigan house selling for about $240,000 right now, it’s easy to see why scraping up a 10-20% down payment can seem like an almost insurmountable obstacle to home ownership. Fortunately, we’ve put together some expert-backed tips to make saving up that amount a reachable goal. Check them out – we’ve even included a step-by-step saving plan! Read the article

9. 5 Ways Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Benefits Home Buyers

Not everyone can pull together a big down payment or present a sparkling-clean financial record to their mortgage lender – and that’s okay. This is where private mortgage insurance comes into play. Read this article to learn what PMI is, when you need it, and why it helps home buyers. Read the article

10. How to Build Equity in Your Home

Tips for increasing home equity

Subtract the amount remaining on your mortgage from your home’s market value and you have equity – something that homeowners (and future refinancers) love. Essentially, equity means the investment you made in your house is gaining value. So how can you  build home equity? Find out by reading this post. Read the article

Other 2021 News

Other good news for Mortgage 1 in 2021 includes the following achievements.

Mortgage 1, Company-Wide

Mortgage 1 Downriver

  • Voted Best Mortgage Lender by The News-Herald Reader’s Choice Award

Michigan Mortgage

Here’s to 2022!

As we close out 2021, we’d like to thank our blog readers, our Mortgage 1 family, and, of course, our customers. As always, let us know which articles you liked best and what you’d like to see more of on our blog. And remember, you can share articles on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest using the social media buttons on the page. We appreciate it and enjoy hearing from you! Have a safe and joyous winter, and happy holidays from everyone at Mortgage 1!