Mortgage Loan Requirements For The Self-Employed Borrower
Mortgage Loan Requirements For The Self-Employed Borrower
June 14, 2023
A Comprehensive Checklist Before Making an Offer on a House
A Comprehensive Checklist Before Making an Offer on a House
August 2, 2023
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Mortgage 1’s Dan Grzywacz, Recipient of the 2023 James T. Barnes Memorial Award

In the competitive world of mortgage lending, few individuals shine as brightly as Dan Grzywacz, CMB, a loan officer at Mortgage 1. Recently honored with the esteemed 2023 James T. Barnes Memorial Award, Dan’s recognition represents the pinnacle of achievement in the industry, reflecting unwavering ethical standards and a profound dedication to excellence.

Established in 1979, the James T. Barnes Memorial Award is a revered distinction that celebrates outstanding contributions to the mortgage banking sector. Often referred to as the “Mortgage Industry Lifetime Achievement Award,” it is presented annually to individuals who embody the core values of the industry and the Mortgage Mortgage Lenders Association (MMLA).

Throughout his career, Dan has consistently demonstrated excellence in every aspect of mortgage lending, culminating in his well-deserved recognition as the 2023 award recipient. His commitment to providing exceptional service and client satisfaction has set him apart as a true leader in the field.

“What a surprise. I am very honored to receive the James T. Barnes Memorial Award. Helping clients achieve the goal of homeownership, watching them move up to their next home, and helping their friends and family has been my life’s goal. I’ve been very fortunate to assist others in the industry as well, assisting my colleagues with their careers and helping them help families. Homeownership is so valuable to the community, and it’s been my pleasure to be able to serve nearly 40 years in the mortgage industry. Working with so many great professionals has been a treat for me”.

Dan Grzywacz

The James T. Barnes Memorial Award has always symbolized recognition and admiration for those who leave a lasting impact on the mortgage industry. It serves as a tribute to individuals like Dan, whose dedication to excellence sets the standard for the entire industry.

As we applaud Dan’s accomplishments, we look forward to witnessing the ongoing positive impact he will have on the mortgage lending industry, his team, and his valued clients. His success serves as a true inspiration for all loan officers, motivating them to embrace the qualities that define the core values we encourage all Mortgage 1 loan officers to embody.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge, network with industry peers, and be part of celebrating outstanding professionals like Dan, the MMLA Annual Lending Conference is an event not to be missed. Held from August 9 – 11, 2023, at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant, MI, this prestigious conference has consistently been regarded as one of the most significant gatherings in the mortgage industry. It draws professionals from various aspects of the sector, including CEOs, business owners, loan officers, branch managers, and operations personnel.

As we celebrate exceptional professionals like Dan Grzywacz, CMB, at the MMLA Annual Lending Conference 2023, we celebrate the collective commitment to excellence that drives the mortgage industry forward. Join us in extending our heartfelt gratitude to Dan for his unwavering dedication, hard work, and pursuit of excellence. His contributions inspire us all to strive for greatness in our endeavors.

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