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5 ways Realtors® can make their marketing blast off in July.

5 ways Realtors® can make their marketing blast off in July.

5 ways Realtors® can make their marketing blast off in July.

5 ways Realtors® can make their marketing blast off in July.

The Fourth of July is a special holiday that we all enjoy as Americans. Exceptional Real Estate Professionals use this holiday as an opportunity to reconnect with past clients. Do something different from other agents by thinking outside the box this summer. Buyers like to move before the kids are back in school. Take advantage of this fun season and kick your marketing into high gear! Here are 5 ways to do it;

The Flag & E-Newsletter Work Together

A flag on every curbside is a great way to spread patriotism on July fourth weekend, it is the type of marketing that will have the whole neighborhood talking. Just a 1.5-foot tall wooden pole with an American flag in the grass at the end of every driveway with a small flyer attached.  If you follow that up with a targeted Facebook it will double the impact of just the Flags. The post should start with a picture of the flag curbside and then link it to a page on the Realtors® website that reads like a newsletter for the community.  Also, add a small message on the flag to direct them to that website for neighborhood news updates.  Invite anyone who likes your post to like your business Facebook page (you have one right?)

Fourth of July Open House Theme

Nothing catches your eye faster than old glory flying on open house signs. A great way to draw even more people to an open house is to hold a 4th of July themed barbecue open house. It is a great way to show off any outdoor or indoor amenities for the party.  Decorate with flags, Fourth of July plates and napkins and hand out treats to the kids. If you have a swimming pool, you could also throw a pool party. Send out a personalized invitation to the realtors® top leads inviting them exclusively. Mention that they must RSVP and that special treats will be provided as this will give the potential home buyers a real feel for living in the home.

Social Media = summer activities.

All Social Media account should be updated with summer activities around town.  The Facebook business page of a Realtor® should become the hub for the community for all types of information, not just real-estate.  Don’t forget to cross-promote social profiles.  Some of your followers may have found you on Twitter but don’t on Instagram, by cross-promoting Realtors diversify their media footprint.  Create a 4th of July cover photo for the best viability. The great thing about writing posts for blogs or social media is that it doesn’t always have to be about real estate. In fact, if you really want to connect with people writing only about real estate could turn them off. Instead, switch it up for the summer months. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • List of Free summer activities:
  • 25 Summer maintenance tips that every homeowner should do
  • 12 Landscaping ideas that are inexpensive or easy to do yourself
  • 10 simple tips to organize your garage

Client Appreciation Party

Everyone loves a party and summer is a great time for a barbecue. It’s a great way to show clients that you are more than just a business relationship.  Invite clients to bring someone who is looking for a home or looking to list to the barbecue. The environment will be cozy enough to chat with them casually while allowing these leads to get to know the Realtor® on a professional level as well. Send a personalized invitation in a nice envelope, with the address handwritten.

Summer Client Gifts

Everyone likes unexpected gifts giving a small gift is a great way to stay in touch with them. Great summer gifts ideas include:

  • S’more kits
  • Drink in a jar (peach tea, lemonade, etc.)
  • Summer pail filled with goodies for kids and adults
  • Gift cards to a local ice cream shop
  • Seed packets for flowers or veggies

They are a nice way to give a gift and check in without expecting anything in return!

5 ways Realtors® can make their marketing blast off in July.

5 ways Realtors® can make their marketing blast off in July.

5 ways Realtors® can make their marketing blast off in July