December 2, 2016
7 reasons winter is a great time to buy a home:

7 reasons winter is a great time to buy a home

February is the new June for weddings and those brides may be on to something. Here are 7 reasons winter is a great time to buy a home: 1. There’s less competition so all offers are given more consideration. Most consider this to be off season […]
December 2, 2016
Mortgage in a Snap

7 Ways to Winterize a home on the Cheap.

7 ways to winterize a home on the cheap. Clean out your gutters, Leaf dammed gutters can result in ice dams, that could lead to all kinds of costly repairs like damaged shingles or a leaking roof. Broken Gutters; If the water is going over […]
November 3, 2016

Kevin Elsenheimer interview with Executive Director of MSHDA down payment assistance up to $7500

MSHDA down payment This week I talk with Kevin Elsenheimer, the executive director of Michigan State Housing Development Authority. Dave: Kevin thank you for being here I wanted to let people know a little bit about MSHDA and what is MSHDA. What function is […]
November 3, 2016

Rural Development Loan USDA

Mortgage 1 is the #2 Rural Development Loans in Michigan! Rural Development loans have been a big part of Mortgage 1’s success and there are some Big Changes are coming to Rural loans this year. Mike Archer and I get together to talk about them […]