May 4, 2017
5 home buying tips for Millennials

5 Home buying tips for Millennials

5 home buying tips for Millennials The number of first-time home buyers has fallen significantly since 2008.  According to the Fannie Mae National Housing Survey published, July 2014, the number of millennials living with their parents has increased nearly 15% since the end of the […]
April 28, 2017

Michigan 203K Loan Program Options

What is a 203K loan? Dave: This week we had a special guest John Leach Branch Manager of Mortgage 1 lakeside office John is our 203k specialist. John a lot of people don’t know what a 203k loan is can you tell them a little […]
April 21, 2017
7 Steps to Homeownership

7 Steps to Homeownership

7 Steps to Homeownership Talk to a lender and gather all the required documentation.  Mortgage 1 makes this step easy with our new Digital Mortgage application process called SNAP.  The lender will analyze the financial strength of the borrower to determine the price range that […]
April 14, 2017
Protect Your Identity

3 Ways to Protect Your Identity

Mortgage 1 Inc. will be pulling a credit report during the application process. This action causes what’s called a “trigger lead” that will be sold by the credit repositories.  Many people don’t know that the repositories (Trans Union, Experian, Equifax) sell your information to whoever will pay for […]